Earn Monthly Commission By Registering Potential Clients


Partner Benefits

  • .2% Commission to Start with Tiered Bonuses
  • .Discrete Account & Visibility
  • .Free Enrollment
  • .Unlimited Earning Opportunity
  • .Discrete Visibility
  • .Earn $ By Simply Referring Leads
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Pierre Liption

Chief Creative Officer


Bryan Marcon

Executive Chairman

Program Overview

J.J. Advantage Security, headquartered in South Chicago, Illinois,has one goal that goal is to engineer, deploy and service our customers security to the highest standards in the industry.Specializing in security surveillance installations and service nationwide, we have developed and deployed A+ relationships with thousands of our our customers. Utilizing our national and international vendors and direct factory product lines of security products, we have the ability to offer our customers a mass variety of solutions to meet needs and budgets.

Providing  A+ Installations & Service has lead to hundreds of referrals for new clients over the years. As we appreciate positive feedback, we also want to assure that we show our appreciation to every referral which is how the Advantage + Program was born. From an existing customer to a new associate, anybody and everybody is welcome to create a free Advantage + account and start earning.

Follow the easy steps below to get started and contact us with any questions you may have.


See the top of any page to LOGIN, Under the Login you will be able to create a new account. After creating your FREE Account you will have access to everything you will need in order to Register Leads, Track your register leads status, and view potential payouts status.


Now let’s start earning! – After you login to your account on the LOGIN at the top of any page on the site, choose the Advantage+ Tab and view “REGISTER A LEAD”. This is the most important part, fill out as much information as you can regarding the lead. The more information you provide such as multiple names, time frame, and information that can help our sales staff make the proper contact in a timely manner gives you the best change of earning commission if we earn the project.


After you Register A Lead on Step #2, that’s about it! – Sit back and enjoy 24/7 access to the Advantage + Lead Tracker found inside your account login. The Lead Tracker is where you can view the status of every lead you registered. Statuses include “Pending”, “Quoted”, “Approved”, “Denied” and so on providing you with a up to date view of all potential earnings.


Compensation time! – Whether you login to see an approved project or not, either way you will be notified via your registered email address anytime a registered lead project has been approved. The Lead Tracker will show your commission amount that will be coming your way!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:Do I pay taxes?

A:Yes, each Advantage + Partner account is treated like a 1099 Employee for referrals. It costs you nothing to register and earn unlimited commissions, but at the end of each annual cycle each partner will receive a 1099 and be required to pay all appropriate income taxes.

Q:What happens if multiple partners register he same lead, will I have to split my commission?

A:No, a registered lead is only tied to one partner account. The first lead we receive on a potential account is tied to the partner who registered it first, other partners who try and register the same lead the status in their account will go do denied.

Q:How do I know what I will earn?

A:Your commission earnings are based upon 2% of the lead.  If you register a lead and the project quoted turned out to be $45,000 you can view the status of that quoted amount online and potential commission earnings which would show $900!

Q:Can I register to become a partner for my company?

A:Yes and No, this depends on your companies rules and guidelines pertaining to your job position and contract if under one. For most people yes there is no issue and you can register anything including your company as a lead.



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